About Shelli

I’ve encountered many gifted energy healers and teachers during the past forty-five years and in my opinion Shelli is one of the best. Her gifts and acquired wisdom are exceptional. Just as impressive, her ego is well tamed and in check allowing her to dispense her knowledge with very little if any filtering. If I were in the market for a teacher, she would be my first choice.

Dan Cohen, M.D.
Creater, BodySound® Technology

Shelli Nelson has transformed my life. In the short time I’ve worked with her in the areas of personal process and healing, she has provided a beacon of light and hope to me that cuts through the darkness of depression and despair in profound ways. Her skillful, gentle healing abilities are enhanced by her deeply intuitive, compassionate nature. Working with Shelli has brought balance to my emotional and spiritual well-being, enabling me to feel a sense of comfort, solace and tranquility that had been unattainable before I started seeing her.

Jenn R.
Administrative Professional
Eagan, MN

I took a 12 week class meeting once per week. I had no idea what to expect. Healing? Do I need Healing? I went through years of therapy and was real tired of the whole thing. It seems as if people are in love with their pain and don't want to move on. I am not one of those. I'm done, I have moved on, no more therapists, no more medication. When we started the class I was reluctant, I didn't want to bring up all my crap. After all I was done with that. To my surprise, it was not what I expected. Learning about early traumas, and wounds and how we react to that shape how we are, how we behave, how we fear. Having that knowledge I now understand and am making different choices. How Liberating! The group was full of the most remarkable woman I have every met. Shelli is a wonderful teacher, a true spiritual leader.

I found freedom. I found liberation. I now understand why I'm afraid to be in a relationship. I understand why I push people away. The class helped identify why I act and react the way I do. Having that knowledge has given me the freedom to be, act and live differently. Freedom to be my authentic self, not an adaptation self as a result of my wounds or traumas.

Rita A.
Property Manager
Eden Prairie, MN

I have known Shelli Nelson for two years. I first became acquainted with her when I served as one of the subjects in her research concerning the effects of Healing Touch on the recovery of orthopedic surgical patients. I also became a client in her private healing practice during the last year and took a 12-week beginning energy training class from her this past autumn.

Shelli’s work and guidance comes closer to bringing me to truth in my life than any other forms of therapy, treatment, or spiritual direction I have received. I am in my late 60’s. Before I met Shelli I felt that my life was pretty much over after I retired from my chosen career. Through Shelli I have learned that my greatest life task was not my profession, but rather the learning and personal work I am doing through her leadership and classes now, even as the hair grows gray. I truly have a new lease on life, and a much greater understanding of my place as part of the energy of the universe and the divine entity.

Shelli has helped me heal from three joint surgeries in the last year and a half. Most recently I had major surgery to repair an ankle joint on which arthritis had taken its toll. I was especially worried when I didn't heal as well from that surgery as I did from the previous two. I had a great deal more surgical pain than I expected. As Shelli worked on my ankle, I could sense energy entering my body. Every time she treated me I experienced marked improvement. One day as she concentrated on the surgical area, I felt a jolt of energy so strong that my whole body jerked in a spasm. It was not painful, just extremely powerful. At this writing, four months after the ankle surgery, I am walking normally again without pain. I am grateful to Shelli for her healing -- spiritual and emotional as well as physical.

Shari S.
Retired Middle School Principal
Bloomington, MN

The spiritual growth & healing process is frightening work and exposes one's inner vulnerabilities and shadow sides. Finding the right person to facilitate your work is crucial. From my first meeting with Shelli Nelson, I knew that I could relax into my process with her and that I could trust her with my most intimate feelings and thoughts. I have been working with Shelli for several months now with personal healing/process sessions. I find that I now look more forward to my time with her than any other activity I find myself involved in over the entire week. As a healer, she embodies professionalism with a rejuvenating sense of care & concern; while holding a bigger picture to guide my process. She applies her additional assets of multi-sensory perceptions to her healing gifts to enlarge the scope of spiritual healing and growth that is possible for me. I feel grateful to have her energy in my life.

Ed S., MD
Facial Plastic Surgeon
Edina, MN

Shelli has helped me immensely not only with personal process and spiritual growth, but also with physical conditions. I had been dealing with the HPV virus for several years when I began seeing Shelli. I had already had at least two biopsies and LEEP procedures performed on my cervix in order to remove the affected tissue. When my gynecologist once again saw something suspicious, performed a biopsy and informed me I again needed a LEEP procedure, I was very concerned. My gynecologist told me that if I continued to need to have these procedures done, I would very likely not be able to carry a pregnancy to full-term because my cervical wall would become too thin, but the alternative was quite possibly developing cervical cancer. Another option was to completely remove my cervix, but as I have not yet had children, I did not even consider that. Shelli performed several healings on me in the weeks before I was scheduled to have the LEEP procedure. The day of the procedure, my gynecologist admitted to me afterwards that she had not been able to see any tissue on my cervix that looked like it was affected by HPV, although she had seen it just weeks before. She still removed a very small amount of tissue for testing, but she actually said it was the smallest amount of tissue she had ever removed during a LEEP. The results of the test came back normal, and I have had no more problems with HPV since; this was about four years ago. I believe that without Shelli's assistance, I would still be dealing with HPV today, and quite possibly have lost the chance to have children.

Tara J.
Glencoe, MN

I've been wrestling with severe ringing in my ears for over 30 years. Shelli helped them calm down and become more resistant to our environment's loud assaults. Her uncanny intuitive knack convinced me she is the real deal. Her ability to focus her healing efforts is rare and effective. Besides, Shelli's irreverent sense of humor helps keep everything in perspective.

With profound love and respect--not forgetting awe and admiration.

Scott T.
Small Business Management
South Central College
New Ulm, MN

I am grateful to have participated in weekly classes and also a private session. My learning and understanding occurred on a deep level but was totally applicable to my daily life. I feel my Divinity as well as my unique humanity was brought more fully into consciousness. I became aware of my power to choose consciously once I became aware of my personal process of relating and reacting to life. I learned how I sabotage my goals. I learned how to change things in myself and in my world through the use of intention. Shelli's ability to see the "unseen" , together with her humor, her inspiring ability to teach, and her down to earth approach to the mystical helps her students grasp exactly what they are ready to learn.

Thank you Shelli for all of the above and for all I have yet to assimilate.

Helen N.
Retired RN
Stillwater, MN

Because I am very sensitive to energy, I have had times when my body could not handle the amount of energy that I was picking up. Also, I experience a lot of kundalini, which can be physically painful and draining. It has been extremely helpful to have Shelli work on me at those times. Brennan Healing balances my system and makes me feel comfortable and light. I also attend a group that meets at Shelli's home periodically for spiritual enrichment, education and community.

Rev. Dr. Sharon F.
Eden Prairie, MN

In-person sessions with Shelli, I have healed more in a few short months, than in years of reading, talk therapy and classes. The energy she accesses is so pure, that I felt supported as I walked through the painful parts of my life that needed healing. I am so grateful, that I tell everyone about Shelli, and given gift certificates so they can experience her work.

In the classes and 3 seminars I took from Shelli, I received more tools to keep healing. She has a way of presenting information that makes it clear and useable. It makes you want to know more.

Julie B.
RN, BSN, PHN, RM, MT, Certified Arvigo Practitioner
Excelsior, MN

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