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Bio Energy Therapy For The Terminally Ill

Healing comes in many different forms. Everyone wants physical illnesses alleviated. I want that, too. And I also know that it doesn’t always work that way. In the case of terminal illness, healing moves to a focus different than the elimination of symptoms and disease from the body. Healing Professionals is specifically trained to provide a sense of peace and acceptance in people who are preparing to make transition.

In the dying process, sometimes  the soul has difficulty making transition out of the physical and into the spirit. When this occurs, it can be painful to both the loved ones of the dying individual as well as to the sacred human who is struggling with making their transition.

A Brennan healer can often facilitate a peaceful and gentle transition in these situations.

Facilitating the Dying Process

In the dying process, the energy field is making a transition from being a physical and spiritual entity to being a wholly spiritual one. Hence, dying is often called, “making transition.” There is a specific healing technique that is unique to Brennan Practitioners that can be used in the transition process. This specific Brennan  technique  can be used when transition is immanent. This technique can facilitate the transition process and is especially useful when a person is struggling to leave the physical form. The technique promotes ease, peace and effortlessness to the individual.

Hospital, Private Home & Rehab Center Visits

Shelli will travel to you if your illness is life-threatening and it prevents your travel to the studio. Those rates will be individually discussed prior to the appointments.

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