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Professional Supervision

Under Minnesota state statute 146, the state law governing non-licensed complimentary health care modalities, energy practitioners are legally required to work with a supervisor. The Minnesota state legislature recognizes the ethical and moral obligation for people working in any helping industry to receive on-going, consistent and routine supervision of their practice.

This means that the practitioner is consistently working with a practitioner qualified to provide useful, constructive feedback on their work with clients. Sometimes that work is oriented purely to techniques and other clinical suggestions that will assist the practitioner in providing the most beneficial treatments possible.

More prominently, however, the basis of professional supervision is to discuss counter-transference, triggers and emotional reactions along with ethical dilemmas ignited with any particular client or process related to one’s professional practice. Without illumination and resolution of these triggers, these reactions influence one’s state of presence with the client; and that state of being is likely the most crucial element in an effective treatment.

Practitioners who receive professional supervision benefit by adhering to the Minnesota state statute covering their private practice and also can be assured that they are walking the walk along with their clients. Participants in supervision can feel assured that they are acting as a professional and that personal reactions to clients are being addressed so that their own healing sessions are most effective.

Shelli is a trained professional supervisor. Her advance-practice degree in energy healing science, coupled with her years of teaching bio-energy healing as the President and Founder of Rukha® Academy of Healing Arts and Science, plus her dedication to her own continuous supervision of her own practice, makes her an excellent choice for a professional supervisor.

Professional Supervision

Professional supervision is aimed at discussing counter-transference and process issues along with ethical dilemmas related to one’s professional practice along with any relationship issues in one’s personal life. This can be the relationship between Self and others, Self and The Divine, or one’s relationship to the Self.

We offer both group and private professional supervision sessions. The advantage of group supervision is that it is a money-saving option, plus we all learn from one another. No matter which practitioner is presenting, everyone in the group is relating in some way to the dilemma at hand. We often use psychodramatic techniques that involve all group members so that everyone always participates-so long as that feels safe to the individual.

Call or email for costs and logistics.

Private Sessions

Private supervision sessions have the advantage of privacy and are focused solely on you in a safe and productive setting.

Practitioners may schedule a private supervision session at any time.

Receive a free, 15 minute consultation about the group or private sessions, E-mail Shelli@HealingProfessionals.com

I will listen to your needs, discuss the fee and if you feel its right for you, we can schedule either the group or private session.

Clinical Supervision

We began to offer clinical supervision in 2006 and it has proved itself to be a very beneficial tool for many practitioners.

Shelli uses her many years as a professional bio-energy healer to help you address issues you may have with any particular technique or state of being.

The most important benefit of clinical supervision is that Shelli uses her precise ability to see the energy in both you and your client as you work. She helps participants to develop their ability to modulate their energy as you, the practitioner, works directly on a person.

The way clinical supervision works is that a practitioner brings a volunteer “client” with them to their session on whom the practitioner will do a treatment session or technique of their choosing. Shelli observes the entire process, answering questions and providing validation and gentle guidance through her visual perceptions.

Receive a free, 15-minute consultation in clinical supervision by E-mailing Shelli@HealingProfessionals.com I will listen to your needs, discuss the process and if it feels right for you, you can schedule a session.



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