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Bio Energy Therapy For Pets

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Companion animals are a vital part of our relationships. As humans, we connect heartstrings to our pets in the same manner in which we connect to our children, parents, friends and partners.

When our companion animals become sad, fearful or ill, we, as partners to them, are compelled to nurture them in every way possible.

Animals have similar energy systems as do human beings. Doing energy work on an animal is equally effective when performed professionally.

Also, communication with the animal is important-see resources link for referral to effective animal communicators.

Shelli has worked with companion animals, primarily dogs and cats. Generally, the majority of the sessions are done long distance. But in some instances in-person sessions are also arranged.


Shelli has treated the following conditions in animals:

  • Kidney Failure
  • Chronic Arthritis
  • Joint Disease
  • Cancer
  • Liver Dysfunction
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Anxiety Disorder

Call:  612-799-8584
Email:  shelli@healingprofessionals.com