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Living With Consciousness -
Standard Study Group

Study Group Structure

The study group is experienced over 18 weeks in three separate six-week modules. There is a break between each module for integration of the materials. Each module is designed to stand alone. Participants need not enroll in all three modules.

Because we all live in relationship rather than a vacuum, it is necessary to interact with others as we begin to explore how we both affect and are affected by normal human relationship. We utilize the group model as a vehicle for self-revelation. The group is a microcosm of the larger world in which we all live. The group members become the support system for each other group member to safely reveal how their distortions and misperceptions have been limiting happiness and health.

Who Should Attend This Study Group?

  • Those seeking a more satisfying and authentic life experience.
  • Those who experience feelings of inadequacy, lack of trust and confidence
  • Those with a recapitulation of tiring thoughts and behaviors.
  • Those who are considering enrollment at Rukha® Academy.

Next Study Group Dates

Module I
Specific date to be determined.

Module II
Specific date to be determined.

Module III
Specific date to be determined.

Costs and Logistics

Location to be determined following class date designation.

Times are to be determined.


To register E-mail or phone. Shelli@HealingProfessionals.com or at 612.799.8584


Module I
Lectures, discussion and didactic experiences illustrate how the bio-energy system is linked to psychology. This first module focuses on the five primary fears of humankind, their origin, how we carry each fear in a personal way and how our relationships and the bio-energy system have been affected.

The primary goal of the module is to recognize how we have become identified as our pain and our defenses rather than by our true nature.

Module Two
Explores how the limited ego has suppressed feelings of worthiness, confidence, trust and authenticity. Specific writing and didactic interactions demonstrate how we all share the common bond of limiting beliefs and the yearning for a solidity of presence and a greater ability to live in a difficult world without fear, yet not without fears.

The primary goal of this module is to promote the development of a healthy adult ego and to build the energetic container to accommodate this maturing sense of self.

Module III
Lectures, discussion, sharing and didactic experiences asks each group member, “Who was I before I was wounded?”

Psychodramatic techniques take the group members through any perceived traumatic event and provide an opportunity to take the story out of the mind and replace it with a new and more useful experience.

The primary goal of this module is for participants to begin to understand that regardless of old patterns, a transformation is possible through conscious living and new choices.

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