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Living With Consciousness (LWC)
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Living With Consciousness

We have distorted the healthy function of the Human Bio-energy System (HBS) through our unconscious and habitual patterns of behavior. These behaviors have their origin in early childhood programming.

As children we have two very basic drives; to survive and to feel safe and loved. We develop very effective coping mechanisms that are expertly designed to prevent us from feeling the pain and fear of any threat to these instinctual needs.

Although very useful and effective as children, as adults these protective ways of reacting to the world are no longer useful. Until we are awakened to these latent coping strategies, we continue to employ them.

Living With consciousness™ (LWC) provides a method of systematically identifying these unhelpful, cyclical patterns, a basis for understanding from where they originate and to release them one at a time. This process allows for the opportunity for the authentic essence to be the driving force of thoughts, opinions, decisions and responses to life’s variable and unpredictable circumstances.

Three Study Groups Are Offered

We currently offer three areas of study:

Who Should Attend These Study Groups?
  • Those seeking a more satisfying and authentic life experience.
  • Those experiencing feelings of inadequacy, lack of trust and confidence
  • Those with a recapitulation of tiring thoughts and behaviors.
  • Those who are considering enrollment at Rukha® Academy.

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