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Bio Energy Therapy For Physical Conditions

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Bio-energy treatments can be used in both acute and chronic health conditions. Although the method of treating is slightly different, the benefits to the client are improvement in the manifesting symptoms, shorter recovery time and often times a more complete restoration to health than what might occur without the energy intervention.

When the physical body is manifesting a state of dis-harmony-like a broken arm, joint and back pain or digestive problems, the entire bio-energy system is knocked out of a balanced, healthy function. In fact, in bio-energy science theory, the very cause of the acute injury or illness is a direct result of a chronic imbalance in the human energy system. Even in an acute injury, we are able to see how a chronic energy leak or energy tear causes a particular area of the body to be weak and, therefore, susceptible to injury.

When clients receive energy treatments, Shelli works in a penetrating way, directly in the bio-energy field to strengthen and repair damage to the energy system. These treatments are like catalysts, so that the body can do what it’s designed to do; heal. Treatments speed recovery from surgery, help the body to recover more quickly from injuries and illness and to re-gain that last bit of stamina, range of motion or relief of pain that sometimes lingers after the doctor says “you’re all better”.

The treatment of chronic issues is a longer process. We look at all of the aspects of an illness; emotional, mental, spiritual to illuminate how any of these factors may be contributing to the chronic condition. Lastly, especially in the case of chronic health conditions, we always help the client to discover the images, beliefs and perceptions that are affecting the healthy function of the energy system and take steps to shift those that are limiting its healthy function so the client can maintain optimal health long-term.

We specialize in the treatment of pain as well as orthopedic and sports injuries. Treatments consistently help the client to recover more fully and faster than without treatment. It’s most common for clients to experience improvement after only one session.

Shelli Stanger Nelson performs clinical research

Shelli wrote and performed the first research study investigating the effects of energy treatments on total knee and hip patients for the University of Minnesota in 2004. Her study results showed statistically significant improvements in the areas of pain reduction, incisional healing, range of motion, strength and endurance, ability to sleep and the length of time people took narcotic pain medication after discharge in the subjects who received four treatments than those who did not.

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