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Mental/Emotional and Spiritual Therapy Using the
Human Bio Energy Field (HBF)

As the energy of the universe around us changes and expands, so is humankind eager to expand the definition of who we are as individuals. We seek out ways in which we can live from a more fully integrated self; one who is able to embrace the full range of human emotions, strengths and frailty, yet with a renewed confidence in the self as a being that is uniquely both physical and spiritual in nature.

We yearn for a solidity of presence and a greater ability to live in a difficult world without fear, not without fears.

We know now, in the quantum era, that all of the aspects of our mental and emotional characteristics are stored in our Human Bio-energy system (HBS). In fact, every single life experience we’ve ever had is stored in the energy body and in the cells, whether we are consciously aware of this or not.

Healing Professionals provides “bio-energy therapy”-because we realize that energy transmission alone will never result in permanent shifts in the energy system without addressing the mental, emotional and spiritual stressors that have caused disharmony in the first place.


Instead of quick fixes to long term problems, we know that the best results occur over a period of time.

What we do is to help you to identify root-cause origins of your emotional, mental and spiritual unhappiness and then guide you through a systematic process that results in clarity, liberation from self-defeating, repeating patterns and ultimately, help to create healthier, functional relationships with the self, with others and with a Divine source.

We engage the client along the path of self-healing. Our therapy is not “talk therapy”. We use energy and specific techniques used in body-centered psychology, Psychodrama and many other modalities that require the client to be actively engaged in the healing process.

Our existence on earth boils down to one single function; relationship. There is really nothing else but relationship. We hold relationship to the self, to others and to a Divine energy. We hold relationship to money, our jobs, our heritage and to our place in the world. “What am I doing here?”

The benefit to the individual who undergoes our therapy is a greater understanding of themselves, liberation from negative, repeating patterns and ultimately, more functional relationships based on one’s own awareness of how they personally participate in each relationship.

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