Our Services

Bio energy therapy for physical conditions
Mental/emotional and spiritual therapy
using the Human Bio Energy Field (HBF)

  Bio energy therapy for pets
Bio energy therapy for the terminally ill
Living With Consciousness (LWC)
personal growth classes

Standard Coursework
Source, Soul and Personality
Source Apprenticeship Program
  Clinical supervision
  Professional supervision
  BodySound® Technology

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    Call 612-799-8584 for fee information.
    No credit or debit cards accepted.
    No insurance or 3rd party payment accepted.
    It is possible that healing sessions can be deducted from your medical spending account. Check with your provider.

    Please allow a minimum of 24 hours notice of the need to cancel.  A charge of ½ the rate will be charged to you for cancellation less than 24 hours from your session time.

    Missed Sessions:
    Since Shelli’s  calendar is very full and there is a waiting time to see her, should you miss a session and not cancel,you will be charged the full amount for your session time.

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