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Bio energy therapy for physical conditions
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using the Human Bio Energy Field (HBF)

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Living With Consciousness (LWC)
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Source, Soul and Personality
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  Clinical supervision
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  BodySound® Technology

Clinical Supervision

Shelli has been educated on energy anatomy theory. Her strong psychic vision allows her to actually watch your healing's and give feedback on your work. If you are in need of validation and assistance in your healing work, clinical supervision with Shelli would be beneficial. How does it work? Clinical supervision requires 2 people; you and a client. Most practitioners come in pairs and exchange healing's on one another while Shelli observes, directs and teaches each practice healing. She observes the entire healing process, from intake, the healing and closing. She will read your field the entire time and assist you in finding your defense, your distortions and your strengths throughout your sessions.

Benefits of Clinical Supervision

  • Gain confidence in your effectiveness
  • Validate your guidance
  • Identify fears, images, and distortions and learn how to correct them
  • Gain technical skills
  • Learn about energetic anatomy
  • Channel stronger Divine Energy
  • Have more effective healings with your clients
  • Become more proficient and strengthen your skills
  • Deepen your healership

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Email:  shelli@healingprofessionals.com