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BodySound® Technology

Our newest service - BodySound® spiritual meditation

A profound meditative experience consisting of an amplifier and transducers built into a chaise lounge, which uses layered music to induce synchronized sounds, vibrations and electromagnetic fields, producing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effects.

BodySound® Meditation

BodySound® is a cutting-edge technology that became available to the public in January 2014.

Developed over a period of 16 years by a neurologist in Minnesota who was interested in researching the interface between the soul and the brain. BodySound® technology facilitates the development of very deep states of meditation and spiritual experience with very little user effort.


1. Physical
The technology uses synchronized sound, vibration using transducers and layered music to create a magnetic field that expands and harmonizes the entire chakra system and multiple levels of the aura, Hara and soul dimensions.

2. Emotional
Clients are asked to do self-process either prior to or in conjunction with, these treatments to avoid “spiritual bypass”; a process of denying our life experiences and instead of the necessary understanding and resolution of those experiences, moving directly into ascention; a process that is unhealthy and disrespects the physical dimension.

3. Mental
As the user is able to reach higher and higher states of consciousness through repeated treatments, an organic process of releasing aspects of the limited ego occurs. Previous attachment to constrictive thoughts as well as elements of pridefulness, willfulness and fear are mitigated while self-actualization through a healthy adult ego is created.

4. Spiritual
Treatments using this technology teach the user how to deeply relax, which automatically shifts into deep states of meditation and, over time, allows for harmonic induction through spiritual entrainment to occur. The end result is the ability for the user to live life with a profound and visceral recognition of the self as being wholly physically integrated with the soul.


There are two methods by which Healing Professionals, LLC can assist the public to utilize this advanced technology of spiritual awakening:

1. Personal use

If you are seriously interested in creating a lasting shift in the body’s energy field, returning to the maximum level of relaxation and sense of vitality possible you could benefit from this therapy. Most importantly, if you are interested in the evolution of the consciousness, shifting from being over-identified with the self as the limited human ego to the ability to recognize the self as a spiritual being having a human experience you might ultimately want to own your own meditation lounge. The meditation lounge is available for purchase through Healing Professionals at the cost of $2,799 plus applicable taxes and shipping.

Short of this, we provide the opportunity for single sessions as part of your larger treatment plan with Healing Professionals, LLC or your other providers.

Initial introduction

It is important that each individual be taught how to use the chair effectively. It is essential that the user also become aware of aspects of the self that have been blocking the ability to live as a fully integrated individual having a human spiritual experience. Therefore, in alignment with the manufacturer’s guidance, Healing Professionals, LLC, provides personal process instruction and guidance in a safe and skilled setting.

Healing Professionals, LLC, founder, Shelli Stanger Nelson, has been providing individual and group process work since 1999, supporting individuals in the development of functional living through personal consciousness.

2. Become a Practitioner/distributer

If you already are in private practice as an energy practitioner, psychologist, medical doctor, coach or other helping professions, you might wish to incorporate this technology for your clients who are ready to expand their consciousness to the next step of evolution.

If this is the case, you can try the chair and also become a practitioner by going through the practitioner training. We can give you details on that process.

Scheduling and Rates

You can schedule either couples or individual session times today.

E-mail: manager@HealingProfessionals.com

Shelli’s assistant will help to set up a session and can answer most questions.

Single person and two person rates are available for 90 minute sessions.

Call 612-799-8584 for rates and discounts.

We have two chairs so you can elect to bring a friend, spouse or family member.



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