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Shelli Stanger Nelson, RN, BS

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Shelli Stanger nelson earned her nursing diploma in 1985 from Fairview Deaconess School of Nursing. She earned a B.S. degree from The Barbara Brennan® School of healing in 2006 and completed post-graduate work in teaching and leadership in 2006.

Nelson has acquired over 10 years of formal education in some of the most prestigious institutions dedicated to energy medicine and personal development.

She has operated a full practice of bio-energy therapy since 1992. Through her years of experience, she was inspired to create Living With Consciousness™, a group class model that systematically guides participants to identify and release self-defeating thoughts, beliefs and behaviors held within the human bio-energy field. With consciousness, participants begin to replace these constrictive energy patterns with ones that support health and happiness.

In 2009 she and her husband, Brent, opened the only licensed school of bio-energy healing and transpersonal psychology in the upper Midwest; Rukha® Academy of Healing Arts and Scienc

Nelson has lectured locally, nationally and internationally on the topic of personal consciousness and the interface of bio-energy medicine and traditional medical treatment since 1992. She helped to bring holistic energy healing into the acute setting of hospitals in Minneapolis.

Shelli wrote and performed the first clinical research trial using hospitalized subjects through the University of Minnesota Institutional Review Board (IRB). The research studied the effects of bio-energy therapy on pre and post-surgical patients.

Nelson began her healing career in 1985 as a Registered Nurse in the state of Minnesota. In both her professional and private life, she observed that traditional medicine too often failed. This frustration launched a 25-year quest for integrative methods of improving health -- for herself and her patients.

Personal Journey from Disease to Health

Shelli had lived with type I diabetes, and the complications of multiple related illnesses, from a very young age. Her condition was resolved in 2008 through the carefully integrated use of traditional medicine and bio-energy treatments. Her experience in coping with the pain and debilitation of the illnesses, and her conscious choices to reclaim her health, fueled a passion for hope that honors the struggles of all humanity.

The Healing Power of Sightless Perception

Before Shelli was cured of diabetes, the disease had permanently damaged many parts of her body and eliminated all physical eyesight. She became totally blind by the age of 24. The absence of visual distraction has enabled her to access her innate gifts and develop a way of perceiving that is highly accurate and profound.

A Rare Combination of Talents

The unique circumstances of Shelli’s personal and professional journey have given birth to many inspiring traits. She is known for her irreverent sense of humor, unflappable belief in what is possible, and a compassion for fellow travelers that is beyond measure.

Shelli understands the frailties and limitations of life in the physical world. “We have to stay real about what’s going on while simultaneously holding space for all possibilities”, she says. Her passion inspires her clients toward this limitless potential.


Nelson is a native Minnesotan, living in the land of sky blue waters with her parents and brother until she married in 1985. During the first 18 months of marriage, Nelson began to encounter complications from Type I diabetes. Many surgeries, treatments, medications and cutting-edge interventions known at that time insued, some of them effective, many of them failing.

Shelli had many close-encounters with death during this period and experienced an out of body episode that forced her to make a very conscious and instantaneous decision one morning as her spirit floated at the ceiling observing her physical body disappearing. This decision to solidly inhabit the physical realm remains with her today. The experience is still very much alive and palpable in her energy system and she utilizes the energy of this circumstance in her daily life and in her professional work.

Shelli married Brent Nelson in 1997. She co-parented Brent’s daughter who is now an adult and pursuing her life plan. Together Brent and Shelli live in Eden Prairie.

Shelli continues her meaningful work as a cardiac nurse clinician providing patient education at a busy Minneapolis hospital in the cardiac unit. Her bio-energy and therapy practice is open Thursdays and Fridays and some Saturday mornings. She spends a good deal of her available energy on operating Rukha® Academy, the licensed school of bio-energy healing science that opened in September of 2010.


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